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    This sweater is made because we, as women from all over the world, do not agree with morals that are about what people expect from us. This can be your boyfriend’s or your mother’s moral but also the moral of a world known dictator.

    Let’s change that moral!

    This sweater will make every outfit stunning!

    Tamanho pequeno! Escolha 1 tamanho a cima do normal! Sweater cinza com letras a preto e mangas pretas.

    Small fit! Take 1 size bigger than normal!

    Composição: 100% Algodão (Cotton)

    Limpeza: Lavagem na máquina de lavar a máx. 30 graus ( Machinewash max 30º)

    Não passar a ferro sobre as letras ( Do not iron on the print )

    Tamanhos: XS, S, M, L

Change your Moral

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